Photoshop Final

Adjective: The adjective at hand is courage. Here stands a man with a sword and shield at hand ready to take on the herd of buffalo stampeding towards him. I extracted the man and centered him in the middle of the stampeding buffalo image. I then used the Lighter Color blend mode to finish the image.

Famous Work of Art: For the famous work of art, I chose Edvard Munch’s The Scream and placed Macaulay Culkin’s head from Home Alone overtop of the head in the painting. Before placing the head, I opened up Macaulay’s face in illustrator and traced the image altering it to a transparent outcome. The tracing gave the face a cartoony-look. I then opened Macaulay back up in Photoshop extracting his face on the figure in The Scream. (The Scream) (Macaulay Culkin)

Directed Towards Children: Most children like animals and Santa Claus, so I attempted to incorporate both in this image. I extracted the dog onto the image of snow. Afterwards, I placed a Santa Claus Christmas hat slanted on top of the dog. Finishing the image, I crafted a shadow underneath the dog’s feet. (Snow) (Dog) (Santa Hat)

Image of Choice #1: The initial image was of this Iranian Woman staring at the viewer. I opened this image up in Photoshop to give her eyes a purple glowing effect. I started by using the Burn Tool around her eyeballs and around her eyelids. After, I used the Dodge Tool to brighten the iris in both of her eyes. I then used a bright purple on the Paintbrush Tool and colored in the iris in both eyes as well. To finish, I applied the dodge and burn tools on the same locations as before to sharpen the image. (Iranian)

Feminine: For the feminine image, I chose a picture of a model showing off a new bikini. I extracted her out of the original picture and placed her in a black image. Locking the extraction layer, I colored her completely white. As an outcome, the viewer sees only a white figure on a black canvas. Focusing on the white figure, one will come to see feminine characteristics of the figure’s stance. (Woman)

From Scratch: The image I chose to create from scratch was this image of a house on a nice summer’s day. Opening illustrator, I began from scratch making different shapes to build the house, clouds, and the sun. I used Pathfinder to combine all circles into one cloud, and to make the windows for the house. Finishing, I used the Flare Tool to cause the sun to glare in the audience’s view.

Image of Choice #2: For my second image of choice, I decided to make another image from scratch but this time through Photoshop. I started with a black background. Then, I Rendered the Fibers, setting 40 for the Variance and 1 for the Strength. Afterwards, I used Motion Blur setting the Distance to 999 and adjusting the Angle to 90 degrees. Using the Gradient Overlay under the Layer Styles I set the Blend Mode to Overlay and edited my own choice of colors. I then used the Lasso Tool, at a Feathering option of 35px, and created the figure above. To finish, I Revealed the Selection under Layer Mask.

Image of Choice #3: In this picture I chose an image of a lighthouse. I went straight to Adjustments and selected Black and White. After, I used the Channel Mixer to rid the picture of any RGB. Placing the sky on its own layer, I set the Levels at White:250 and Black:190. I then went to the Layer including the light house and all other scenery and used the Curve Adjustments to match up the darkness to my liking. (Light House)

Masculine: This image runs very closely to the previously introduced feminine image. I found a picture of a man with facial hair and extracted his hair, placing it on a new white background. Afterwards, I colored all of the extracted hair black. Once the viewer sees this image, their immediate focus is on the extracted hair giving them a masculine feel….unless they thought I extracted a bearded woman from the circus. (Man)

Image of Choice #4: In this image, I decided to go with a metaphor. I cropped a box on a white background. After, I found a light bulb and copied it six times, placing each six in the box. To make the light bulbs seems as if they are in the box, I used the Background Eraser Tool around the edges of the box. I then placed a lit up light bulb outside of the box. Once the viewer sees this image, the metaphor should be very clear. (Box) (Lit Bulb) (Light Bulb)

Piece of Music: This image is definitely one of my favorite images. The original picture was of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. I extracted Jesus out of the picture, replacing him with a little Lamb. I used the Patch Tool here and there and then my image was finished. (Virgin Mary) (Lamb)

No Words: The image has no words, and yet still portrays a story. The image started as a Gradient background of red and orange. By changing the Paintbrush Tool to a leaf figure, I placed leaves all around the image. The color of the leaves are green, red, and brown, all of which being Fall colors. Once the image was complete, it sent a calm message of the arrival of the season Fall.

One Color: In this image, I decided to go with my favorite color purple. I changed the settings for the Paintbrush Tool to have a laggy-circle placement. Afterwards, I set the background to a Gradient Overlay using purple as well. Once the background was placed, I set rows of circles of all sizes overtop.

Photograph: For the image with a photograph, I chose a photo of myself. I decided I wanted to do a comic book effect of myself since I used to be into comic books. First I Adjusted the Levels of the Image. After, I selected an Artistic Film Grain, where the Grain:4, Highlight Area:0, and Intensity:10. I then Pixelated the image and set the Blending Mode to Darken. Next I Stroked the Layer Style with a width of 25px and the position inside. I created two rectangles, used the same Stroke process with 3px and added color along with text in each rectangle to finish this image.



Redo: The image I chose to redo was this picture of a girl in light. At first, the image had light leaking in front and behind the girl. I used the Patch Tool and Paintbrush Tool to fix these errors to put full focus of the light carrying the eyes straight to the girl.

Sell: In this image, I created a fictional drink called Purp. I extracted a Coke bottle and changed the cap to an orange color. Along with that, I used the Gradient Tool over the Coke label. Afterwards, I opened the file in Illustrator on top of a turquoise background. Centered on the background I put a Flare effect to add emphasis on the soda bottle in front. I put a 13-sided star with adjectives persuading the viewer to buy the product. To finish, I put a text pointing towards the soda with a catchy phrase to stick the product in the viewer’s head. (Coca-Cola Bottle)

TV Show: I chose Family Guy for my TV show image. I extracted their family watching TV in their living room and placed them in The Simpson’s living room. Using the Distort Tool I switched their positions and then I was finished. (Family Guy) (Simpson’s Living Room) (Ball)

Typography: For my typography image, I built my name, using my name, in Illustrator. Each of the “Austin Taylor” ‘s have a different font.

Vector: For my vector image, I went to Illustrator and built a Triforce. This Triforce is made out of each form of purple, being regular purple, light purple, and dark purple. I created a white 3-sided star and then made 3 different purple triangles and placed them on top of the initial triangle.

Image of Choice #5: For this image, I wanted to portray a stationary car moving at a high speed. I found a picture of an Audi R8 7 in an open area. I copied the layer and then used the Motion Blur, setting the Angle: -14 and the Distance: 45. Afterwards I placed a mask over said layer. Using black on the Paintbrush Tool, I selected parts of the car I did not want blurred as much. (Audi)


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